… am 29./30.06.2024 in Eggenstein

Mit von der Partie - im JE U11 unser Youngster Ruixiang Wang. Danke an Chun fürs Fahren und Betreuen.

Briefly summarized by Chun:

On last weekend (June 29/30), there were around 130 young badminton talents gathered in Eggenstein to compete in the 5 DBV A-RLT U11-U13 2024.
Out of 40 players registered for U11 single, Ruixiang was qualified in the start list. The 32 players were divided into 8 groups and started with group playing system. The group draw was quite challenging for Ruixiang, he had to compete with Felix Zhang (BV Maintal) - rank 1st in Germany U11 single, who also won 1st place in U11 single later on the day. Jaivigna Bollampalli (SV Germering) - rank 17th in U11 Germany was also in the same group. As expected there was no surprise during the matches. Although the opponents were dominant in the field, Ruixiang also had some good shot. Unfortunately Ruixiang was unable to enter the round 16, but definitely we can observe his progress. Trust he had gained more experience from a higher level tournament and knowing where to improve in training.

We wish him further success in next tournament.